Rondo of Lightning and Destruction

The thunder booms. The lightning flashes. While they may not destroy the heavens themselves, they can still destroy all beneath it. This is the tale of a young man, adventuring through his world, abandoning all his blood ties, and the country that had thrice forsaken him.

Please note, this story will be targeted towards the male demographic, there will be action, violence, gore, romance, adventure, swords, magic, a dark back story and fantasy creatures in various shapes and sizes. If you can’t handle this, please, turn back now!

People in this universe use the abilities of magic (fueled by mana) and internal energy to battle (called qi).

People that use qi to battle are ranked according to the following manner, irregardless of what type of weapon they use:
Commoner- As strong as the average person, unable to filter qi throughout their body
Apprentice- Able to filter their qi throughout at least an arm, greatly strengthening their strength, and arm speed
Journeyman- able to filter qi throughout both arms
Adept- Able to filter qi throughout their weapons
Master- Able to filter qi through weapons and the entirety of their body, boosting defense, speed, and strength
Saint- Ability to send qi outside of body, and manipulate their weapons without touching them
Immortal- Abilities unknown, no recorded appearances.

The name of the weapon they use the most comes before their given title. I.E. Sword Master, Sword Saint

For magic users, they are ranked according to the level of mana contained in their bodies. The required levels are measured by a tool, although most magic users can tell their own level through breakthroughs they make. Subdivided into 9 levels.

Apprentice Mage
Adept Mage
Master Mage


Characters will also be added to this post at a later time.